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Hi my name if you hadn't already guest is Andy Roberts, I am based in a Seaside town called Colwyn Bay in North Wales (UK). I have been painting for the last three years and dabble a bit before that. I mainly work in Watercolors with the odd pencil drawing. I recently put together the website Lookingforart which has enable me to display some of my past work, and other artists have contributed to the site. I hadn't done any painting or drawing for nearly a year until the site started, because of all the kind comments about my work I've started again, I would like to thank Karin-Novak-Neal and Georgine Morelli for their help with getting the site looking good and the typo errors, and for encouraging me to start painting again, and now the main work on the site is done, I have the time too, I would like to wish them both well in the future.

I have had not formal trainings and I' am completely self taught, it's been trail and error but I' am still learning and improving. When I first started my early works were given to friend and family who like them and have them hanging on their walls in pride of place, but I've stopped giving them away now. I hope to try other medium in the future maybe one day I'll get round to it, at the moment it's hard as I work full time as a truck driver, but the job has it plus side, I get to drive around the beautiful country side of North Wales, and I pass through the Snowdonia Mountain Range a couple of times a week, which has inspired me to painting the scenery around me, watch this site for them.

I am married to Jenny and have two daughters Rebecca and Megan, Rebecca want to learn to paint so I am going to teach her what I know, Megan still a bit young.

Anyway that's enough about me, why not have a look at my work and enjoy.




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